February photo challenge: 4th Feb, a stranger

Today I’ve been to three places, my small camera tucked in my hand, looking for the right stranger, someone doing something I wanted to remember. I discovered an underground bookshop of uncatalogued books, and in a side nook, a café and a musician.  He was the right stranger.

He sang a song I didn’t know:  The Spider Song (Or Somewhere in the car) by Pat Drummond.  I’ve just found the lyrics online as well as the stranger’s name.  Fred Pilcher.  Now I know who he is but he doesn’t know me.  I’m the stranger.

The lyrics are a good read:  http://www.patdrummond.net/Lyrics/Laughter/Somewhere_In_The_Car.html

2 thoughts on “February photo challenge: 4th Feb, a stranger

  1. Hi Trish,
    I was looking at your blog earlier while on my smart phone – which, as it turns out, is smart in name only. it does not allow me to sign in with my usual moniker, pix & kardz. so i waited until i got to my laptop. and here i am 🙂
    i found your February project fascinating – as I had done a special leap year project myself, and it was interesting to see your creative posts. your writing style is a joy to read – especially in this post which is probably one of my favourites. if i could ‘like’ it twice, i would 🙂
    anyhow, thank you for your kind words left in my feedback/comments form. much appreciated.
    glad that ‘reflections’ challenge was created, as it led me here. continued happy blogging and have a great day!


  2. Hi, Thanks for your comment of more than one paragraph! I’m really grateful. And thanks for liking my ‘stranger’ so much. Indeed, I’ve never seen him since, but I’ve wondered if he ever found my blog entry about him by searching Google. I see there is still no photo challenge for this week; the WordPress volunteer must be tied up with paid work, or challenges of her own… I suppose we rose to the challenge anyway!


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