February photo challenge: 22nd Feb, Where I work

I sometimes work in various people’s homes as a tutor, so I can’t show you those places.  But most of the time I work at home.  I run a household and I translate.  At the table on the deck out the back I translate passages by hand, and then at the desk at the front of the house, I type it up.  In the first stage, I need four items:  a French novel, a French-English dictionary, a pad and a pen.  When I’m working at the outside table, this is what it looks like:

5 thoughts on “February photo challenge: 22nd Feb, Where I work

    • Yes it is a great office. Not today though; at this moment the deck is covered in a thin glaze of ice. It’s currently 1 degree. Until Spring arrives, I’m translating inside, at the kitchen table. But either in or out, I LOVE working at home. And thinking about sons, mine are in their early twenties but they still have problems, and because I work at home I am here when they want to talk, when they want to tell me how hard life can be sometimes.


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