February photo challenge: 26th Feb, Night

The “English Bridge” at night:  the bridge itself is partly visible if you click to enlarge the photo.  The lamppost is on the bridge but the buildings are to its left.

The “English Bridge” in Cairo was also known by its French name, Pont des Anglais.  A few decades later it was nicknamed Kobri Badi’a after Madame Badi’a who taught belly dancing in a cabaret near the bridge, and then in the 1950s it was known as Evacuation Bridge for the British who were being chased out of Egypt.  Its Egyptian name is Kobri Al Gala’a, or El Gala’a.  In the middle of the day, it opened to let the feluccas pass through.  See my post of 7th January for a photo of graceful feluccas on the Nile.

“English Bridge”, Cairo, c 1942

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