February photo challenge: 28th Feb, Money

Two sides of the same coin.

My father brought some coins back from the Middle East in 1942.  I like this one with its Art Nouveau flourishes and the hole in the middle.  I hang it by a chain on a wrought iron bedstead.

3 thoughts on “February photo challenge: 28th Feb, Money

  1. Nice photo of an interesting coin! Coins can be challenging to photograph. Note “EDWARDVS VIII” in the top photo — this coin was minted during the brief period (326 days) before he abdicated the throne to marry Wallis Simpson.


    • Wow, that’s an amazing bit of information. Thanks for telling me. You’re right about photographing coins; I took about 5 shots (actually 10 if you count both sides). Sometimes the writing came out a bit blurry, sometimes the coin was turned a bit to the right or left (or perhaps it was the photographer). I thought of cleaning the dark patch on the right side of the reverse but worried I’d make it worse, and in the end left it as it is. Thanks very much for your comment.


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