February photo challenge: 29th Feb, Something I’m listening to

Pauline Croze has a voice that comforts me;  a little bit husky, a little bit of a lisp.  She sings clearly and not too fast so I can sing along with her, following the lyrics to practise my French. The jazzy rhythm helps me remember the words;  it’s also great for chair dancing.  Sometimes I dance on my feet (when no one’s watching).

When I took the photo of this CD cover, an energy-efficient light bulb overhead made her skin too pale.  I grabbed a piece of the red organza (see post from 22nd Feb), set the camera timer and held the fabric close to the light bulb.  It’s given her a bit of a tan.

I recommend her album even if you don’t speak French.

One thought on “February photo challenge: 29th Feb, Something I’m listening to

  1. I am flabbergasted when I discover a new thing from the french culture thanks to the knowledge and interest from someone at the other end of the world. It happens more often than what I would like to admit. I did not know about Pauline Croze. Shame on me! But anyway I advise you also to listen to Thomas Fersen. He is a poet and his music is fabulous, very cabaret like, intimist and jazzy, with a hint of rock and this so frenchie cynical look on things.


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