Weekly photo challenge: Distorted

Several photos in the war album were taken in India, and while there is no caption accompanying this one, I suspect it was in India because bamboo scaffolding is still used there.  Would you climb on it?  Clearly, it’s flexible.

Bamboo scaffolding, India?, c 1941

12 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Distorted

    • Hehe. Oh it’s much, much better here now. (I’m a Civil Engineer). All major developers have switched on to steel scaffolding.

      Your comment reminds me of the time I was almost docked a part of my pay because of a safety violation.


      • Felix, I see that bamboo scaffolding is still used in Hong Kong. I assume it’s strong, and safe, since it’s used even on skyscrapers. But some photos of it show very twisted trunks which are disturbing, like those in my black and white photo.


      • Trish, Bamboo is an incredibly strong material. The safety issue in using bamboo as scaffolding isn’t it’s load bearing capacity, it’s at the joints. The whole scaffolding is only as strong as it’s weakest link.


  1. Interesting stuff! And nope, you wouldn’t get me up that…

    Could that be in Ceylon? (Modern day Sri Lanka.) 2/15 sailed aboard the Queen Mary from Sydney to Palestine via Ceylon, arriving in Egypt in February 1941. The Royal Navy maintained a naval base at Trincomalee so I would imagine most troop movements from Australia to the Mideast would take that route. http://www.awm.gov.au/units/unit_11266.asp


    • Hi John, My father went to Bombay on the way to the Middle East. He has written Bombay or India under some of his photos, and one of the street photos shows the Bombay Bazaar. He was not in the first lot that sailed, but with the relief troops that left Sydney on 1st September 1941, arriving in the Middle east 3 weeks later.
      Thanks John for your interest in this bit of history.


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