Weekly photo challenge: Contrast

‘Egyptian graves’ is the caption below this photo in the album my father brought back from Cairo in 1942.  There is a contrast between grave styles:  some like theirs pyramidal and reaching up to the sky from the open desert, others prefer to stay close to the ground, in the shade of a tree.

P.S.  After submitting this photo for the ‘contrast’ challenge, I did some research about the graves in the foreground and responded to Laura’s comment below.  I learned that they are in a modern Muslim cemetery built over the site of the quarry where some of the pyramid blocks came from.  Since the time of this photo, 70 years ago, a wall has been built around the cemetery, hiding it from pyramid tourists.

I also discovered that the structure on the left of the photo is the pyramid tomb of Queen Khentkawes (c 4th Dynasty) built on top of a cube of rock which remained after blocks had been cut for the larger pyramids.

Egyptian graves, 1942

14 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Contrast

    • If you go there, take a photo from this modern cemetery so I can see how much has changed in 70 years. Though, from recent photos I saw on Google images, there’s a wall built around the cemetery now so it might be no longer possible.


    • The ordinary citizens closer to the ground died quite recently, by comparison. The graves in the foreground are in a modern Muslim cemetery, built on the quarry of the pyramids, so I read. On the left is the pyramid tomb of Queen Khentkawes, officially discovered in the 1930s, a decade before this photo was taken.


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