Weekly photo challenge: Through

I’ve looked at a lot of photos of mosques in the Western Desert – the expansive desert in Libya, just over Egypt’s western border – where I suspect this photo was taken, but couldn’t see one that matched this mosque.  The wall seems to have had its window blown out, and as sometimes happens in photography, something damaged and ugly can be used to make a beautiful image.  A photo of the mosque on its own would not tell as good a story as it does framed by this arched gap.

Western Desert, Egypt/Libya, 1941/42

11 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Through

    • Thanks Jennifer. The photos are my father’s. He brought them back from the Middle East in 1942. Some have captions and some don’t; this one didn’t. Sometimes I can do a Google Images search and find the same building and its location. But I didn’t have any luck with this one, despite a long search.


    • These photos are all from my father’s album which he brought back from the Middle East in 1942. He had joined the army when the Australian government called for volunteers, and was posted to North Africa following the Battle of Tobruk in Libya. They trained in Palestine and Syria first before going to the western desert, an area near the Egyptian/Libyan border. Of course, he ended up in hospital, in Kantara near the Suez Canal in northern Egypt. So there are a lot of photos from Egypt.


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