366 unusual things: days 109-113

18th Apr – Read some speeches by Desmond Tutu about the concept, ubuntu, and couldn’t remember where I’d seen that word, until logging off my computer and the word appeared on the screen.  It’s the name of my operating system!  Ubuntu means “A person is a person through other persons.”

19th Apr – Read that Chopin composed some of his best pieces in an abandoned Carthusian monastery, once occupied by ascetic monks who denied themselves musical instruments.

20th Apr – This morning the rubbish truck had a female mannequin’s head sitting on the dashboard, looking out of the windscreen.

21st Apr – Found out that the word Wikipedia is derived from a Hawaiian word, wiki, meaning quick.

22nd Apr – Visited my son and his new wife, and she put a record on!  An LP, on an old wooden stereo.  Sounded great!

6 thoughts on “366 unusual things: days 109-113

  1. ….your entry 22nd put a record on an old wooden stereo, I assume you are talking vinyls. I am trying to get a stylus for my deck, just found out my deck works on my system, but it hasn’t got a stylus. coincidence!! 😉


    • I’m glad you liked it. Desmond Tutu also says of ubuntu: “It speaks of how my humanity is caught up and bound up inextricably with yours. … Ubuntu speaks of spiritual attributes such as generosity, hospitality, compassion, caring, sharing. You could be affluent in material possessions but still be without ubuntu.” In traditional African society, a prosperous man without ubuntu, even a chief, “was regarded as someone deserving of pity and even contempt. It was seen as what ultimately distinguished peole from animals.”


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