366 unusual things: days 114-118

23rd Apr – Offered two guests a cup of tea and both of them asked for a cup of hot water.

24th Apr – Tonight I was reading another blogger’s long, long post written in white print on a black background.  My husband came to my desk and when I looked up at his face I saw it veiled in white print for several seconds.

25th Apr – At the Anzac Day Services in Canberra (the first one at 5.30 am (4 deg C, brrrrrrrr), there were 40,000 people.  That’s 5,000 more than last year.  The further we get from the First World War, the more patriotic we are becoming.

26th Apr – A man down the road has a pet black sheep.  Farmers didn’t want her because she’s the black sheep of white-woolled parents.

27th Apr – Sat beside a full-length stained-glass window, the sun beating through from the other side.  Large pieces of red glass reflected red patches onto my red bag.

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