Ailsa’s travel photo challenge: Reflections

While waiting for the WordPress weekly photo challenge, I’m responding to Ailsa’s challenge to find a photo of reflections.  See hers here:

This one of flamingos in Helwan Gardens, Egypt in 1942, is perfect for the theme.  The AIF soldiers (my father was one) visited the gardens when on leave in Cairo.

Helwan Gardens, Egypt, 1942

19 thoughts on “Ailsa’s travel photo challenge: Reflections

  1. The photo is one of many I’m posting each week from my father’s war album. I can’t know which ones he took and which are friends’ photos or even purchased photos. This one’s not as sharp as some, so I suspect he took it with his Brownie Box camera.


    • I thought you might recognise it… I went there one hot afternoon and had ice cream at an outdoor table. I wanted just chocolate but they insisted I had to have three flavours and three colours. It’s all about the presentation, Of course, it was perfect. Re: the theme – I played with themes while thinking about blog ideas. I was hoping to write something about a photo but there’s been no challenge.


  2. these are great relfections. great minds think alike, i guess – mine has feathers, and is black and white as well. only my reflection is in the wet sand, not on the water 🙂
    thank you for sharing. happy blogging!


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