Ailsa’s travel photo challenge: Summer

Ailsa from the northern hemisphere has proposed a photo challenge:  summer.

Of course, I’m sitting here in the southern hemisphere, the heater blasting and the doors closed to keep the low low temperatures out.  It’s a good thing I have photos to remind me what summer is like.

Summer = beach.  I can’t get enough of the beach.  However, in recent years I’ve moved to Canberra, a few hours inland from the coast and now I don’t get much beach at all.  But when I do travel down to the coast, there’s a special compensation for the much cooler ocean temperatures which will keep me out of the water most of the time: the exquisite pleasure of walking on the rocks and reflecting on the constancy of the waves.  I’ve discovered that the rocky shoreline is pitted with rock pools and tiny caves for sea creatures.  This photo is one I took in a moment of delight at spotting crabs spotting me.

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