Weekly photo challenge: Hands

To an enemy, our hands are the most immediate threat.  With our hands thrust as far away from our body as possible, most of us are defenceless, except for those with awesome kicking skills.  Here, two soldiers play at war as if they were boys, except the gun and bayonet are real.  And the war is real.  But so are the smiles, for now.

AIF soldiers, Egypt, 1942

5 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Hands

    • Thank you. I was hesitant to use it because hands are normally photographed doing pleasurable things, like in your photos – playing music, feeling the water etc. But I’m choosing images from an album of war photos which contains no photos of hands. But the challenge makes you think (that’s the point) and so I had to think why enemies tell victims to put their hands up.


    • Yes, it probably is scary. Sorry. I’ve looked at this photo for fifty odd years so it has no effect on me. The men here are play-acting, but there are other photos in the album where they aren’t. They’re the ones that make me uncomfortable.


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