Ailsa’s travel photo challenge: Street markets

Ailsa ( proposed Summer for her photo challenge last week and I was inspired to look long and hard for the right photo to submit.  There were no summery images in the war album of photos taken when my father was serving in the Middle East, during the northern winter!  So I had to resort to my own recent photos.  Now, coincidentally, here’s that summer theme again on this week’s WordPress photo challenge.  But I don’t feel disappointed because I have a photo I’ve looked at many times and wondered what theme I could use it for – and low and behold, coincidentally again, Ailsa has put out a new challenge… for Street Markets.

Cairo markets, 1941/42

25 thoughts on “Ailsa’s travel photo challenge: Street markets

    • Thanks Madhu. I like the scale too; it took me a while to understand that it’s handheld. And I love the dates stacked so tightly. (At least, I think they’re dates.)


      • What an interesting photo this is! I also think he’s selling dates. I wondered at first if they were mussels but quickly ruled that out since any seafood would be on ice. I wonder how long it took to stack them so neatly?


      • I’m glad you like it, Laura. This photo challenge reminded me of a street market in Lyon which I went to often but I have no photos of it. There’s nothing like it here where I live. Did you take photos of French street markets? They’d be relevant to your food blog…


  1. I love the nostalgia of this picture. It reminds me of the brown, dusty and smelly books I used to devour when I was about ten. Stories about adventure, when tourism was still not a word in the dictionary. When people had to travel for long months on camel’s back, trains, boats and caravans and were writing diaries about their discoveries to bring back home scientific observation.


    • I’m glad you like this one. This is the type of photo I prefer to submit to the photo challenge – something of interest from a war zone without the war being visible.


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