366 unusual things: days 179 – 183

27th June – Rode my bike home in the twilight.  Have only ever ridden in daylight.

28th June – Read that looking at an old painting by candlelight shows us what the artist saw before studios were lit electrically.  I have only one real painting on the wall; I started it but never finished it, but it became something better when I held a candle to it.

Photo by Brett Worth

29th June – I have sons who wake up on one date and go to bed on the next.

30th June – Heard that J.S. Bach had 20 children to 2 wives.  Eleven of them died within his own lifetime.

1st July – This is the date when I remember meeting my husband (31 years ago), conceiving our first child (4 years later :-)), and starting this blog 6 months ago.

8 thoughts on “366 unusual things: days 179 – 183

    • Thanks. I was surprised at the warm colour that one small flame provided. I held the candle while my husband took several photos without flash and with flash. This one is without.


    • Perhaps music was his escape from all those small people. He probably remembered the first few babies and the last few, but pity the 15 or so that arrived in between. Still, he made sure they wouldn’t forget HIM.


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