Weekly photo challenge: Movement

Movement:  each of the three creatures here is raising a foot to move forward.

My father captioned this photo “Camel Bridge”.  I’ve done some research and found it is a footbridge over a boat passageway through a dam wall on the Nile.  It’s known in English as the Great Delta Barrage.  In Arabic (from Google Maps) it’s Alkanater Kheireya.  The wooden bridge was lowered for foot traffic, and when boats needed to pass through, it was folded up against the building wall.

Camel bridge, Great Delta Barrage, Nile River, Egypt, 1941/42

10 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Movement

    • Thanks Gerry. After 6 months of looking at them and selecting them to match themes, I, too, am starting to appreciate them for their historical and aesthetic value. When I look at my “WWII Photos” page and see them uninterrupted, I think about blowing them up and hanging them on a wall somewhere.


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