Weekly photo challenge: Dreaming

The weekly photo challenge instruction is “Share a photo that makes you dream”.  When I look at news footage of Syria these days, I wonder if it will ever again look like it does in this photo from 1942.  Let’s dream it can be this peaceful some day.  Soon.

The 2/15th battalion of the Australian Imperial Forces, which my father was a part of, went to Syria in January 1942 for several months of frontier garrison duty.  I have several photos of the region from his album, but the Biblical tone of this one makes it the best.  Click it to see the detail.

Syria 1942

16 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Dreaming

  1. HI Trish. My dad was also in the 2nd AIF…in the 2/33rd battalion…and as such involved int he June/ July 1941 Syria campaign, then on ‘frontier garrison’ duty until January 42. I’m sharing his letters via a blog…myfathersletters.me and am hoping it will be OK with you, for me to share this photo on the blog (with clear acknowledgement, of course).
    Hopefully – Felicity


    • Hi Felicity, Thanks for asking about the photo. Yes, it’s a great idea to put it on your blog – go ahead. I had a look at your blog and was amazed that you’ve transcribed all those letters. Such a lot of work! It’s admirable. I enjoyed looking at your photos too. Trish


      • Thanks Trish. Dad was a regular correspondent during the whole of the war, until he was among the first discharged in August 1945….so I still have almost 4 years’ worth of letters to go. It’s a really fascinating project, and I hope my children and their cousins will appreciate it one day. Felicity


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