Weekly photo challenge: Purple

On a family outing to the Pumpkin Festival in Collector (a no-horse town near Canberra), I went off in search of pumpkins and lost my husband.  When I found him he was shooting purple bears.

Purple bears at the Collector Pumpkin Festival (Photo: Brett Worth)

22 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Purple

    • Hi Jennifer, I worked out by reading the teddy’s foot that they are heat-pack bears from Mt Wayo Lavender Farm, not far from Canberra. If you wanted one, you could order it from their web site.
      I’m glad you liked all this purpleness.


    • Actually, I think they’ve been drinking too much lavender tea. (They’re made for a lavender farm.)
      While I’m here, well done, England, for the opening ceremony of the Olympics! How about the Queen acting with James Bond! She’s the best!


      • Lavender tea does not appeal to me at all, uughhh! I must admit I was quite impressed with the opening ceremony. MY favourite was the beginning from village life and industrial revolution it appealed to my humour…. 🙂 thanks


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