Weekly photo challenge: Unique

Many of the photos in my father’s album are unique, and though I’ve posted most of them over the past year, a few remain.  I like this one because of the stepped heads:  a soldier’s head above a camel’s head above a soldier’s head.  Repeat.

Egyptian mounted corps, 1941

Egyptian mounted corps, 1941

13 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Unique

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    • Perhaps they’re turning to look at the photographer. The eyes are on the sides of the head and they need to turn profile-wise to see what’s in front of them. Like a bird. (I’m guessing) In all the camel photos in this album, their heads are turned to the side, like they’re trying to show their best side for the camera!


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    • These photos are much more meaningful today than they were a few decades ago, not only because a long time has passed since the war. I showed my photos to friends years ago but they weren’t very interested. It could be that there’s more detail to see when they’re viewed on a web page, especially on a large screen. It’s surprising what’s not visible on the 4 x 3 inch photos, but is revealed with digital tweaking. You’ve probably noticed this, too. Thanks for liking my photos, and for keeping yours to show us.


      • It’s amazing how putting these tiny photos through the copier at work makes such a difference. So much earlier to see the tiny details.

        Definitely time has made them more interesting. Looking back at my grandparents holiday photos from the 60s & 70s, it’s the cars and people in them that are interesting.


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