4 thoughts on “54 great opening lines: 2

  1. I read this a million years ago. (Ok maybe not a millions but…). Thanks for the note on the movie. I wasn’t impressed with the trailers so this locks it in (or out) for me. I think I’ll pick up the book again, though.


    • The movie was a bit of a showcase for computer graphics artists and probably has Tolkien turning in his grave. The parts of the movie that were actually acted were very good, but the graphics messed with my head. The book never did that. Thanks for reading my posts, Gemma.


  2. I used to be more than slightly obsessed with Tolkien (so much that I actually wrote my Bachelor thesis on him) but I had the same disappointing experience with the movies that came out of his books. Although the LOTR movie saga has been worshiped (and more) by the crowd of the so-called Tolkien aficionados, I still think that the books are a completely different experience.. Especially for what concerns The Hobbit movie vs The Hobbit book, and Peter Jackson’s attempt to stretch a 200 pp book into 3 three-hour-long movies!


    • I agree about the length of the movie saga. I didn’t know about this when I went to see the movie recently, so after 2.5 hours I was wondering what had happened to the dragon part of the story. When my husband told me it was the first of three, I couldn’t believe it. In The Hobbit movie I closed my eyes because of graphics-induced vertigo, but in Lord of the Rings I closed them because I fell asleep. That said, my husband loved all of the movies.


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