54 great opening lines: 30

These are stories for the ill, stories for the dull setting of a bedroom with herbal teas and hot infusions where Norine was invited to come and dreamily tell stories at our too-well loved childhood bedside, between six and seven, the hour when fever increases.

Stories for Sick Children, Jean Lorrain


Thus begins a set of French fairy tales I’m translating.  The next lines after the opener gave me cause to reflect yesterday on Macbeth’s witches and their cauldron:

‘Into the bedroom already in shadow she would tiptoe, slipping in without a sound, sitting down at the head of our little bed, and in her toneless voice would begin:

Three white cats with ribbons about their necks dance around the cauldron…’

2 thoughts on “54 great opening lines: 30

  1. Not heard of this one Trish, but still like your idea and learning… Birth of the Prince by me Gerry A first line…
    [Once upon a time, many years ago, a beautiful young queen, by the name of Ninon, gave birth to her third child prince]. my Campnano story 😉


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