Weekly photo challenge: From above

I’m presently staying in a French flat on the Mediterranean, at the top of 109 steps.  I’m seeing plenty From Above…

From one window I see the eight cats that live in the flat next door.  Some try to enter any window or door or hole in the wall of all the other flats.

Cat entering illegally

Cat burglar

From my porch I look down into an old lady’s courtyard where the eight cats prowl and wander and climb in and out.  Look at the wall made from whatever bits of building material were at hand!

Courtyard with 2 cats

Courtyard with two cats

From my balcony I see the old lady’s roof, beautiful terracotta tiles, each one an individual.  (The peg was dropped by an earlier tenant.)

Roof tiles below my balcony, France

Roof tiles below my balcony, France

9 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: From above

    • No elevator. I don’t have to imagine bringing groceries up the steps because I’m doing it every day. I go out three times a day! However, I suspect that the old lady downstairs hasn’t left her home for some time – it would be impossible. She’d need to be carried down.


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