Same subject, different time: East of Málaga’s photo challenge

Marianne of East of Málaga had the idea of finding a subject worthy of an impressionist painter’s interest.  For me it’s this view, one I reckon Monet would have painted if he had been on my balcony.  And he could very well have stood on it – the building has been there for a century or two!

Two views from the same spot;  different days, different hours:

Port-Vendres, France, sunrise

Port-Vendres, France, rainbow

Port-Vendres, France, rainbow

Marianne proposes we recommend two blogs worth commenting on.  I found these two which show amazing wedding photography though neither of the bloggers is a professional photographer (yet);  have a look at what’s possible when you love what you do:



8 thoughts on “Same subject, different time: East of Málaga’s photo challenge

  1. Both shots are incredible. Worthy of a painters brush. And both blogs have lovely pix but I like the second one (therebeccapapers) – the b&w shot. Touching moment captured.


  2. You are wonderful! Thank you for the kudos. Tomorrow is my retirement party to celebrate the end of a teaching career and my hopes of beginning my photo career. Your ping just made my day.


    • On that photography note: I can see that my photos taken with a 10-year-old camera are not as sharp as other bloggers’, like yours. So I’ve just bought a new camera, a Sony RX100, which should produce better images (though I’m only a happy-snap kind of photographer – it won’t be my next career!).


  3. Beautiful images, Trish and perfect for this month’s Photo Challenge. I guess you wont be surprised to know that the second photo is my favourite. I’m a sucker for rainbows 🙂

    Thanks for sharing links to two blogs you enjoy. I’ll HOP over there now and say hello.


    • Thanks Marianne. I liked your idea straight away – I’ve studied Monet’s haystacks and knew what you were thinking of. Thanks for the challenges!


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