Weekly photo challenge: the world through my eyes

Through my eyes this weekend I’m seeing a lot of rocks, surf, sand and seaweed.  And a lot of my husband.

While I dally along looking at every rock pool …

Red seaweed in rock pool, Huskisson

Nature imitating Aboriginal art: red seaweed and creature trails in a rock pool, Huskisson, NSW

stopped in my tracks by the beauty of a shell heap …

Seashells on the seashore

Seashells on the seashore, Huskisson

studying the red seaweed washing in and gathering in wavy edges, he keeps going, so that when I snap a general view he’s often there at its edge.

Huskisson Beach, Jervis Bay, NSW

Huskisson Beach, NSW

This rock platform seems to have eroded with the ebb tide.  I was totally amazed by it, but he wasn’t.

Rocks, Huskisson Beach

Rock shelf, Huskisson Beach

But then, he’s an Ebook kind of guy and I prefer paper.  He’s happy to read first then eat his banana.  I like to do both at once.

Ebook support

Ebook support

8 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: the world through my eyes

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  2. Wonderful set of photos.
    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.


  3. To each his/her own. 😉 We women are the quintessential muti-taskers. I do the laundry and cook, while I pay bills on line and feed the dog. Jeff does all those things too, and more. Just one at a time. 😉


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