Weekly photo challenge: Sea

When I was 19 and foolish I went swimming alone in an unpatrolled sea.  A rip caught me and dragged me out of my depth, where waves dumped and submerged me three times. There was nothing beneath me but water.  The fourth wave dumped me on the shore.

These days there are instructive signs at beach entries.  Clearly, large numbers of beachgoers were not washed ashore as I was, were not given a second chance.  Now lifesavers are trying to warn and educate poor swimmers:

Instructions for battling a rip current, Jervis Bay, NSW

Instructions for battling a rip current, Jervis Bay, NSW

Since then I’ve respected the power of the sea and have retreated from its depths.  But I’ve learned a lot by observing it from the edge.

Near Sandy Point, NSW

Near Sandy Point, NSW

6 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Sea

  1. Trish! You are lucky! I have an unreasonable fear of the ocean, but you! Oh my! That must have been incredibly frightening, but it didn’t keep you from photographing it well. 🙂


    • Well, thanks for the photo compliment. I think it’s not a great photo, especially now I know some things about photography after reading the WP hints lately, eg keep the horizon horizontal. But if it’s beautiful it’s because the sea and its shore on this part of the coastline are beautiful. It seems that you and I both like to dwell on the fringe of the ocean, respecting its power.


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