Marianne from East of Málaga challenges us this October to find photos of pairs.  She defines it: A pair is a set of two things used together or regarded as a unit.

These lighthouse feet made me stop and look twice – the rust in its reddishness turns deterioration into art.  The lighthouse is set on a big concrete block so its feet were at my eye level as I wandered around it.

Lighthouse feet, Port-Vendres, France

Lighthouse feet, Port-Vendres, France

And a pair of nights ago I photographed a pair of bottles and two pairs of eyes on a pair of sons.  We were in a restaurant provocatively named Me and Mrs Jones (that’s not a pair).

Bottles of Canberra water in 'Me and Mrs Jones' restaurant, Canberra

Bottles of Canberra water in ‘Me and Mrs Jones’ restaurant, Canberra

Marianne likes us to spread the blog love, so I’ll tell you I loved a poem I read here.  In fact I printed it out and stuck it on my fridge.

And I read a blog about amazing historical embroidery at the Burrell Collection in Glasgow, including a video demonstrating how women kept their arms out of the way of crinoline skirts, here.


6 thoughts on “Pairs

  1. Fantastic photos, Trish – yes, it really IS deterioration turning into art 🙂

    Thanks for sharing two links – I love that poem, too – and Emily’s blog – and was fascinated by the embroidery post. Two great blogs shared and both new to me – well done!


    • Thanks. And I’m glad you liked the other blogs. I love having these bits of knowledge delivered to my home when I least expect them. My life is better for it. And thanks for encouraging me to think of two blogs and tell everyone about them.


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