Weekly photo challenge: Now

Christmas in Australia.

It’s two days before Christmas.  I went for a long walk this morning because my tutoring has ended for the year and I’m having what we might call a day off.  Here are some photos of Christmas in Australia, now, this morning.

Plum trees look like Christmas trees:

Ducklings born in spring are not brave enough to leave their parents yet.  They’re sticking with their duck families around the wetlands.

Some people drive around with reindeer antlers sticking out of their windows.

Reindeer antlers

Now that school has finished for the year and the summer holidays have begun, lots of children and even a few adults who have the Christmas week off (it’s a slow period if you’re not in retail or hospitality) go to the local pool to play in the sun.  This morning some children in this pool were having swimming lessons now they’re free from school lessons!

Swim School

This guy was freely entertaining shoppers and holidaying children with his bubble gadget.  No charge, no catch.  He wasn’t selling them.  Fantastic!

Bubble man3

Merry Christmas everyone.  Thank you to each and every one of you who have read my writing this year.  I’m VERY grateful!

Our Christmas tree for this year. Under it, there are presents for everyone but me. Hopefully, on Christmas morning there’ll be one with my name on it.

Thanks WordPress for prompting me to think about Now.

10 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Now

    • I’m so glad you liked my photos. In Australia the school holidays begin a week before Christmas (or even earlier for private schools) and continue until the first week in February. Many parents also take holidays at the same time so everyone can go to the beach to get away for a while. Merry Christmas, Parul.

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  1. Happy holidays! It’s so interesting to think of Christmas in summer. It’s supposed to be winter here (outside of New York City), but tomorrow will be a record breaking temperature of 72 degrees. Not the weather that you want to do your Christmas baking. Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    • Huh, funny you should be worried about baking in 72 deg heat. We would be happy if it were that cool for cooking the turkey or ham etc. Usually it’s more than 86 deg (30 deg celsius) and we have to put the meat in the oven and then get out of the kitchen/house for 2 hours. We love these old die-hard traditions, though. Merry Christmas!

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      • Wow that didn’t even occur to me that you were roasting turkeys and hams in summer weather! Must be because I’m in charge of desserts this year and not hosting for dinner haha. I hope your dinner turns out delicious and your house cools down quickly 🙂


  2. Tee hee, our tree was the same but I sneaked in while my wife wasn’t looking, so I’m sure there’ll be something for you after Santa visits. A very Merry Christmas to you and your family too, Trish. Thank you for the joy you bring with your posts, educational and with a touch of class. All the best for 2016.


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