Weekly photo challenge: Abstract

South coast, New South Wales, a week or so ago.

At Mosquito Bay we met a man who said, Go to Wasp Head.

There we saw sandstone patterns to challenge the best barista.

The Lower Permian Wasp Head Formation, formed about 300 million years ago (!) is near the Murramarang National Park, easily accessible at low tide.

Thanks Dailypost for the Abstract inspiration.

9 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Abstract

    • Camera. I do nothing with it, just click. And here, if you click on the individual photos, WordPress provides the name of the camera at the bottom of the screen. Too bad if I wanted it to be secret… And under that info there’s an opportunity to click for a full screen version, and then a little plus sign appears on the big pic for even bigger pics of whatever spot you clicked on. Say you click on the top right corner of the photo, you’ll see just that enlarged.

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  1. Beautiful snaps. Very creative of you to associate the patterns of this sandstone with the top of a cup of coffee. 300 million of years ago and today still standing strong. Love the nature and natural surroundings in Australia 🙂


  2. Beautiful photos, and I love the place names–Mosquito Bay, Wasp Head, sounds like a lovely day out lol. When visiting family in Ohio, we always drive past signs for Mosquito Lake State Park, and I can’t help but chuckle every time. Could they think of a less appealing name, haha.


    • Thanks for the compliment. I am pleased to tell you we saw neither mosquitoes nor wasps. Just out from Wasp Head is Wasp Island, and a little further north is Grasshopper Island. An entomologist must have lived in the area…

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