Weekly photo challenge: Dense

Dense growth in a garden attracts birds. This morning, passing one of my Hakea trees, I heard munching sounds and looked into the branches. There, right in front of me, not afraid of me, was this Gang-Gang Cockatoo eating Hakea seedpods. It’s a rare treat for anyone in Canberra to see one up close. Higher up in the tree there were sounds of his mate cracking open some pods but she was disguised by leaves. I’ve read that Gang Gangs are left-handers, and indeed the little birdy is eating with his left hand!

By an unpleasant coincidence on this same fine morning when I was enjoying my foresty garden, a government man came to my door to tell me that an Ash tree with a split trunk growing on our nature strip (footpath) has to be cut down. Nooo!

Sixteen years ago when we moved into this house, I rang the government tree people and requested a street tree. Very soon after, they planted a young sapling and I’ve watched it grow into this lovely big tree. Its canopy is green and lush, and birds frequently fly into its branches for safety.

After the man left this morning, I went for a walk and in my absence he came back and sprayed this yellow mark of death on the Ash trunk.

So my morning was bittersweet. I’m so glad I saw the Gang Gang with his wispy red crest enjoying the Hakea trees. And I’m very glad their trunks aren’t marked with a yellow spot.

Thanks WordPress for the photo prompt.

7 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Dense

  1. When this area was developed, c. 1960, the council planted liquidambars as street trees. This is now recognised as a huge mistake, as they break up the pavements, people’s fences and the like. Some of us were luckier with flowering cherries and gordonias, which the power authority now vandalise as they ‘clear’ the power lines. C’est la vie, nest ce pas?


    • I watched this morning at 7.30 as 2 big trucks and 3 big men turned up and cut it down, fed it into a mulcher that spat it into the back of a truck. All that remains is a fluorescent orange painted stump. Yesterday this tree was minding its own business and today it’s sawdust. La vie n’est pas toujours belle. I’d like a flowering cherry but the street trees have to be the same down the whole street, Ash.

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