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After a very quiet year in my writing life, I’m coming back to blogging to practise writing about life in a manner suitable for you, dear reader, to read.

Almost ten years ago, at the beginning of January 2012, I began a blog and wrote:

To my surprise, in my summer years, I find language and words filling my life. On any day, I spend hours dealing with language.

Now it’s almost the beginning of January 2022, and I’m still surprised to find language and words filling my life. I translate French stories, an activity that occupies my mind for a few hours every day. Rarely a day passes without me translating something fictional, and rarely a month passes without me submitting my English version of a great French story to a journal or two. But while for many years I’ve submitted and often got a Yes response, this year I’ve submitted and got silence…

This silence is unusual, but it’s a good way to introduce the first blog posts of this my second blog. My old blog began with a weekly list of unusual things I had observed each day, and since life and people have not stopped throwing up unexpected words or incidents, I’ll start 2022 with this decade’s unusual observations. But, first, a little writing practice over the Christmas weeks, leading up to January.

Let me begin with yesterday.

I saw a lone turtle walking away from the water in my local pond, and a magpie lark and a noisy miner were swooping it. My son took it back to the water, where it instantly dived down to safety.

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