365 Unusual Things: Intro

It’s midnight, 31st December 2021. Some are drinking to forget another year of a worldwide health crisis, while I’m writing to remember, not the pandemic, but lots of unusual things that happen around me every day. Normally I let them pass over my head, barely observed. But in 2022 I’m going to write them down, remember them and think about the world and how curious it is. As Dickens’s David Copperfield said: “This narrative is my written memory.”

Just today, for example, I was sitting outside a café (safer Covid-wise) when a chicken flew down from a balcony above and landed on the footpath, then leapt up onto the seat at the bus stop.

I reported it on Facebook’s lost pet page and added a photo. Someone immediately asked Why did the chicken cross the road? And an answer came as quickly: to catch a bus lol. But it has ended well: I’ve just read that the chicken and her owner have been reunited.

Let’s see if I can record one unusual thing every day for the rest of this year. Here’s hoping I can one day add Covid case numbers that are so low they’re unusual! 


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