365 Unusual Things: 1-7

Every day this week I’ve been taking notes about things that made me look or listen, not quite believing what I was seeing or hearing. I’m pretty sure I’ll observe uncommon things 365 times this year. Here’s one thing from each day of this past week:

1. A neighbour has a back to front Merry Christmas sign on his door. Every time I walk past I ask Why?

2. I saw Lake George today, an endorheic lake that’s usually dry due to evaporation, but after months of rain at the end of 2021 it is now full.

3. I’ve received encouraging gifts from students, Russian chocolates from a Ukrainian woman, and Japanese ice cream from a Chinese woman.

4. At my local pond the authorities have put up a sign telling us NOT to feed the birds. Now a graffiti artist has written Feed the Birds on a nearby sign.

5. A pharmacy experiencing overwhelming demand for Rapid Antigen Tests had a sign in its window: SORRY NO RATS.

6. The local bakery is selling hot cross buns, two weeks after Christmas.

7. I bought a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle of a world map. The image on the box has Australia and north-east Asia covered with other images. This is the only image to use as a guide, so how can I finish it?



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