365 Unusual Things: 8-14

8. Went to check out Canberra’s water supplies in the Cotter Dam and Corin Dam with Gibraltar Falls in between. They’re all connected. What’s unusual? We’ve never seen so much water in them. The trees look like they’re growing out of the water. And at Gibraltar Falls, people (just visible in the photo) dared to swim in the rushing waters at the top. The bottom photos show a comparison of my earlier visit to Corin Dam in 2014 when I could walk on the dirt banks.

9. At the local golf club, a bridal party entered and sat in chairs to have photos taken, all wearing masks. The bride’s was white, the groom and his men wore black, the bridesmaids wore matching masks and dresses.

10. Read in The Land Before Avocado by Richard Glover that in 1970s Australia, avocado growing was considered an industry without a future. Now we eat 3.5 kilograms of them per year. I eat it every day on toast.

11. Walking beside the pond, a small girl with a long red braid hurtled past me on roller blades, towed by two small greyhounds training for a race.

12. At the neighbouring house where the Merry Christmas sign was back to front, a large bald man was sitting on the ground filing his toenails.

13. At a local pond a juvenile coot came swimming towards me, squawking and expecting me to feed it because some people do. I didn’t.

14. At the house where the man was filing his toenails, a woman collected her wheelie bin after the garbage truck had emptied it, and she took it into her house, through the front door.


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