365 Unusual Things: 36-42

36. Saw hundreds of anti-vax, anti-government protesters in cars, trucks, vans and on foot heading towards the city centre and Parliament House, hooting, beeping, calling out and playing music over loudspeakers, disrupting traffic flow, making people late.

37. Visited a lake that has an algae problem like my local pond. Several floating wetlands have been installed to eliminate the algae and seem to be working.

38. From the National Film and Sound Archive site today:  ‘It has been said that digital files last forever — or five years, whichever comes first.’

39. Had my hair cut by a girl named Paris who tried to learn French but was no good at it and gave up.

40. Camilla, wife of Prince Charles, has, it is said, embodied the Queen’s ‘never complain, never explain’ attitude.

41. At the National Library café today I was one of 7 customers. It’s usually packed but all the public servants have been asked to work at home, so there were only us retirees. I could sit where I wanted, which was next to one of the stained glass windows by Leonard French. Usually I can’t get near them.

42. Made myself a birthday cake today. First time ever. And made it with leftover Christmas mincemeat, which I just discovered is the proper term for fruit mince. Made from fruit. Not from minced meat, which is the proper term for meat put through a mincing machine.


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