365 Unusual Things: 43-49

43. Today I saw two signs beside a pond, 20 metres apart, one warning the water is shallow (no swimming or diving), the other the water is deep (no swimming or diving).

44. A Russian friend who used to live in Australia, who loved our coffee, has bought a coffee machine to try and make it the way our baristas do. She sent a photo of her toddler drinking a babyccino, a cup of non-coffee popular in cafés here, but unheard of there.


45. I once tried growing the kangaroo paw (native plant) and failed, but this one, a Christmas present, has flowered. It does look a wee bit like the small front hand of a kangaroo.


46. I was advised to start WORDLE with CRANE, it told me the R and N were correct, so I guessed ROBIN and won.


47. At a café a couple sat at the table beside mine, he in a tartan beret, light blue jacket, bow-tie and pocket handkerchief, white trousers too short for his legs, black patent shoes, no socks. She was in black, head to toe. On her sneakers was handwritten on both sides of each shoe in white paint, PEACE.


48. Got an invitation today to have coffee with a relative I’ve known for 33 years who has never invited me out before.


49. Saw a number plate: 13.888. Will the good luck of 888 cancel out the bad luck of 13?


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