365 Unusual Things: 50-56

50. The staff in the National Library bookshop have lost my translated books. Surely this is unusual for a national library. I’d left some on consignment for them to sell.

Beautiful bookshop, with Leonard French windows. Pity about my books.

51. Today’s date is 20-2-22, twenty-two-twenty-two.

52. Came home from a walk to find the garage door open, though we’d pushed the button to close it. Turns out our car not been driven in far enough, the descending door had hit the car bumper and automatically risen again when our backs were turned.

53. Today’s date is 22-2-22, twenty-two-two-twenty-two. An American sent me a message: Happy Twosday. It doesn’t work as well in Australia where Tuesday sounds like Tyoosday, or, when we’re not trying hard, Chewsday.

54. Thanks to a web site about vintage sewing machines, I discovered a feature on my Bernina machine that I never knew existed. I’ve owned it for 48 years.

55. After the radio news about Russia and Ukraine, the announcer said the world’s gone crazy and then she played three songs with Crazy in the title: The World Gone Crazy by the Doobie Brothers, Crazy Mixed Emotions by Russell Scott & His Red Hots, and Crazy by Patsy Cline.

56. Saw this boat moored outside a boat hire shed today.

Sussex Marine Hire


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