365 Unusual Things: 57-63

57. Saw a coastline covered in sandstone rock formations resembling skulls.

Hyams Beach NSW

58. Saw a pink stingray that blended into the driftline.

59. Saw a small river party boat named Queen Mary, reminding me humorously that my father went to the Middle East in 1941 on the Queen Mary.

60. Parliament House in Canberra has been lit up with the blue and yellow of the Ukrainian flag.

61. A question on the prerecorded Mastermind tonight was “Who said that Russia ‘is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma’?” (It was Churchill in 1939.)

62. Walked past the free library in my shopping centre where the books were in a total mess, tumbling every which way, and when I came back past it, every book was neatly standing on the shelves as if the elves had heard me grumble to myself.

63. Had to explain in a commentary why “The Unusual Bestiary” by Claude Aveline is unusual.

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Literary translator

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