365 Unusual Things: 64-70

64. Went to the Arboretum in Canberra today and thought about the pine forests on this hill that were totally destroyed by fire in 2003. Now we have this beautiful place with baby forests of different tree species slowly but surely growing. Sometimes something good can come from something very bad.

Arboretum Canberra

65. An aunty turned 98 today. She is active on Facebook every day. Must be one of the oldest users.

66. A video of me reading from my translation of Les Cœurs barbelés by Claudine Jacques has been published on a YouTube channel, Jill!, for women literary translators. Seeing my work published has become more and more unusual since the pandemic began.

67. Something ran down inside the wall cavity behind my head while I was in bed. This was normal in my previous house, an old one, but in this newer house I’m hoping it will be unusual.

68. A van parked near my house matches the electricity box beside it.

69. Received two letters today from two penpals, one dated 2-2-22, the other 22-2-22.

70. In a Thai restaurant tonight, I saw this sign.


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