365 Unusual Things: 78-84

78. This Indian bike was parked beside a snake warning sign outside a café where I had lunch today.

79. Saw Crushed Snow White in the hardware store and felt a twinge of sadness.

80. Saw a police car today with the registration plate NO RUSH.

81. Stepped onto a small beach used as a boat ramp at the lake, only to notice I’d almost stepped on bees.

82. Prepared a lesson today for an art-loving student based on Claude Aveline’s poem, the ‘Portrait de L’Oiseau-Qui-N’Existe-Pas’, the ‘Portrait of The-Bird-That-Doesn’t-Exist’. Looked online for artists’ interpretations of the poem and found many many paintings, each one unique, each one unusual.

83. Visited an elderly woman today who eats only Mars Bars and Sustagen, and that’s enough, she says.

84. Searching for more images of The-Bird-That-Doesn’t-Exist today, I came upon a story about a conspiracy theory that birds aren’t real, that they were all destroyed years ago and any birds we see now are drones.


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