365 Unusual Things: 85-91

85. Today at a landscaping place I learned you can buy dust.

86. Saw a guy lying on a park bench while his girlfriend was plucking his eyebrows.

87. Saw the first lot of ducklings on my local pond, though I’ve lived here for a couple of years.

88. Today, the 88th day of the this year, is World Piano Day due to the 88 keys on a piano.

89. A crane at a construction site in my suburb has started lighting up colourfully at night. Tonight it’s red and yellow and resembles a thin, leaning, Eiffel Tower.

90. Saw a lame duck with its right leg twisted backwards and took a photo, then heard a man, a migrant, phoning an animal welfare person to tell them the duck needs help.

91. My local barista, who I’ve felt sorry for as a poor hospitality worker, stopped me in the shopping centre today to tell me he’s bought the café.

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