365 Unusual Things: 92-98

92. Today is the last day of daylight saving. Until October.

93. I was taking this photo of some learner boats on the lake today when an old sailing instructor asked me if I’d like to learn to sail. Ah, no, I said.

94. Gave a student of migrant English an oral spelling test today. She spelled leather l-a-d-d-e-r and southern s-u-d-d-e-n.

95. A guy sitting next to me in a waiting room had new jeans on with the label still stapled to his back pocket. It read STRAIGHT LEG in bold black letters.

96. Saw an orange van with a washing machine and a clothes dryer set up in the back, parked beside a community centre. Homeless people use the service to wash their clothes.

Photo courtesy canberranoticeboard.com.au

97. Saw 2 lame ducks. The first had a lame thick right leg. The second had a useless left foot.

98. These were the choices for kids in a café tonight. Funny how ‘fish and chips’ is acceptable on a menu but ‘dog and chips’ is disturbing.


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