365 Unusual Things: 113-119

113. Sitting writing this blog when a bride in a long white gown, holding its train bunched up in her arms, walks past my window with her groom.

114. Forced to stay home for 7 days because of Covid. To fill my days  I took back a jigsaw Christmas present I’d given my son.

115. Anzac Day today, but I can’t go to any ceremonies, so I lit a candle at my gate at dawn for my father and his father.

116. All of us isolating in this house have run out of things to say after ‘Good morning’.

117. Was given some toothpaste that whitens teeth with charcoal.

118. In my rectangular front garden, one half is rapidly producing these orange mushrooms. On the other side there’s not even one.

119. Lights draped in front of the new Nepalese grocery store opposite my house are flashing disturbingly, but the shop is closed so there’s no one to ask to turn the flashing off.


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