365 Unusual Things: 120-126

120. Walked on a path damaged by tree roots and graffitied by frustrated cyclists wishing it was as smooth as the main road on the other side of the trees.

121. My red anthurium terrarium is turning moss-green, but only half. The other half is grey.

122. Found a sneaky one-hour parking spot outside a childcare centre which I’d assumed was only for them.

123. Read that the term soul-mate was first recorded in 1822 when the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge wrote in a letter: ‘To be happy in Married Life… you must have a Soul-mate.’

124. Found a man’s black felt hat with a feathery decoration in its band, lying on the path near the shops.

125. Saw a woman in a hairdresser’s having her hair washed, her head laid back, facing the ceiling, reading her phone.

126. Saw a brilliant orange sunset through a wall of windows while being tested by a French tutor on a story about Sartre, but couldn’t say a word about it.


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Literary translator

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