365 Unusual Things: 127-133

127. Saw two black moorhens and two white seagulls standing together on the stone wall beside the pond.

128. To get a flu vaccination I had to answer 18 yes/no questions, one of which was ‘Do you not have a functioning spleen?’ Both yes and no give the same answer.

129. On a chemist counter there were stocks of rapid antigen tests called Antigen Rapid Tests, which makes them ARTS. Better than RATS.

130. On a translation forum I read about Alex Foreman who translates from 23 languages.

131. Received a fairly positive peer review of a radio play I translated, and learnt it will be published. This is unusual for me. Haven’t had anything significant published in two years.

132. Walking in the rain I found a tree in its autumn garb, burnt orange all over.

133. Asked a local nature expert about the hundreds of mysterious spiderwebs on hundreds of galls on just one wattle tree in local bushland. Even he doesn’t know what they are.


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