365 Unusual Things: 134-140

134. Voted early in our federal election today at a voting place indicated by a sign: ‘Pre-pole voting’.

135. Forty years ago, just before I got married, I tore up photos of a former boyfriend. Today my husband was looking at some old negatives and found the photos I thought I’d destroyed for ever.

136. Awoke at 4am to a full moon shining into my bedroom.

137. Bought a new phone and had to enter my surname, Worth, which prompted it to suggest Worthy or Worthless.

138. Found out my French tutor drives a small frog-green car.

139. Yesterday a bird took a bath in my clean birdbath but today the water is totally covered over with fallen maple leaves.

140. Received a thankyou note from a Volunteer organisation pointing out that the letters in the word ‘Volunteers’ can also spell ‘True Love’ and ‘To Serve’.



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