365 Unusual Things: 141-147

141. In Australia’s federal election today, the Labor Party won for the first time in ten years.

142. Visited a Redwood forest I’ve ignored for 25 years. It was planted in 1918 by Walter Burley Griffin, the American designer of Canberra, but we receive little rain here, about 620 millilitres a year, compared with the sequoia forests in California which receive up to 2000 ml a year, and consequently the trees have suffered from drought and, a couple of years ago, fire. But they’re fighting back.

143. Pressed too hard on a name on my Telegram app and inadvertently invited my son’s ex-girlfriend to what Telegram calls a ‘secret chat’. She joined it immediately, and I had to tell her it was not intended. I hope she didn’t hope…

144. Saw an ibis and a cormorant together by the pond.

145. Twice today I saw large flocks of birds land on top of nearby trees, one was a flock of red-rumped parrots, the others were starlings at twilight. Hundreds of them.

146. Went to see a play last weekend and today received a survey asking the question ‘How many people including yourself attended with you?

147. Asked the owner of the Nepalese Discount Grocery Store opposite my house why she leaves her flashing lights on 24/7. She says she can’t find the switch to turn them off.


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