365 Unusual Things: 155-161

155. A flock of silvereyes landed in my bare maple tree.

156. On a highway, I saw a sign to an artisanal chocolate shop down a country road. Drove for 12 kilometres before I found it. The chocolates were $2.50 each. I bought 4.

157. Walking through an empty park of gum trees I found a tiny free library all painted with native animals.

158. Had lunch at a local golf club where these coasters told me how the beer ‘One Fifty Lashes’ got its name.

159. Outside my window tonight the sky is clear for the first time in days and a perfect half-moon is looking straight at me.

160. Late this afternoon I watched an eastern spinebill feasting on my grevillea flowers.

161. This morning, at the golf club again (good place to write), seven women in hoodies, masks and sunglasses were unidentifiably walking along the golf course path taking photos of each other where non-golfers are not permitted.


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Literary translator

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