365 Unusual Things: 162-168

162. Saw an electronic sign directing drivers to a Covid testing site, saying ‘RAT distribution only’.

163. Heard on the news that hundreds of nightclubs are closing, not just as a result of lockdowns, but because young people are drinking less these days, and when they do drink they prefer to do it during the day because the light is better for taking photos for social media.

164. Came across a stick bridge over a thin stream.

165. Most of these wintry mornings the sky is shrouded in fog, except today. The almost full moon shone into my room at 6 am, making sharp shadows on the wall.

166. Around the corner from my place is The Lovebirds Migration Agency. I noticed today the manager’s name on the door: Liz Hug.

167. Today I sent a translated play to a university journal editor for the 5th time since February. First time: original submission with short commentary as requested. Second: editor asked for a longer commentary. Third: a peer reviewer asked for more information. Fourth: editor asked me to join the commentary and play into one file and send it again. Fifth: he recommended changes of his own. I’ve disagreed with some of his suggestions, which might result in a sixth attempt to please him. All this trouble would be worth it if I were getting paid. But that would be even more unusual.

168. Out walking today I passed this bare weeping tree with a crested pigeon right on top.


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