365 Unusual Things: 169 – 175

169. I was the oldest woman at a women’s conference today. Sat in a section of seating alone, surrounded by empty chairs. This was unusual.

170. At a morning tea, there was a promise of brownies, but they had been cut into one-inch cubes to make them go further.

171. A South American woman asked me to help her learn English. She was an engineer there, but here she’s a dental assistant. This is the 4th South American migrant I’ve known to be employed as a dental assistant.

172. Received an editor’s request to submit my translated play for the 6th time, to change single quotation marks to doubles. See entry for day no. 167 to read about the first five requests.

173. Drove over a dam wall and saw a powerful rush of water released from the lake behind it.

174. Saw a real pelican and a pelican statue on a dead tree in the local pond.

175. My neighbour left a budding orchid plant at my back gate and sent me a text message to let me know. She had grown it for a senior citizens event which was cancelled.


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