365 Unusual Things: 176 – 182

176. In an electronically controlled public toilet, I pressed the door button to close it and a (male) voice said ‘The door is now locked. You have ten minutes.’ Then music played: What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love.

177. Practised street photography when hardly anyone was around in the ten-degree twilight, and snapped three people wearing pompom beanies. Caught the last guy hovering above the ground.

178. My son repaired a second-hand Nerf gun and shot my pear on the kitchen bench leaving smashed pear on the wall.

179. A car in front of me today had a registration plate with the slogan ‘Canberra: Age Friendly City’, as it drove past a roadside sign saying: ‘Aged Care in Crisis’.

180. Tonight I received an old WordPress message from the blog of a photographer who died 3 years ago. Very strange…

181. Saw a picture of an old woman’s hands illustrating a Facebook post today about a translation, a ‘beautiful piece on family and love’. I saw the same picture illustrating a news article yesterday about a 77-year-old woman who was fined for slapping a boy visiting her house.

182. On a main road I saw an electronic sign: “If you drive hammered, you’ll get nailed”. My Korean student asked me what it meant.


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